Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at Totally Rad?

Totally Rad Vintage Fest is a curated vintage event with vintage vendors, activities and more! Feel the nostalgia as you shop from vintage vendors, challenge a friend at the free vintage arcade, strike a pose at the throwback photo ops and jam to the tunes being spun by the live vinyl Dj. Our team is constantly dreaming up and building new activations for the event. You never know what new will be at the event. a

What types of products do vendors have for sale?

We aim to have vendors that carry a little bit of something for everyone! Vendors focus their inventory on the 80’s, 90’s and Y2K eras but may also have some pieces from earlier decades. Most vendors are clothing brands but there are also homegoods, video games, records and toys inside TRVF. 

What price ranges can I expect inside the event?

There is a wide variety of items and price ranges inside Totally Rad. Find a gem hiding in a $5 pile or splurge on the high-end collectible you’ve been waiting to find. Most items typically range from $20-$40.

What payment options do vendors accept?

All vendors accept cash, some take cards and almost all accept mobile payment systems like Paypal, Venmo or Cash App. 

What time should I come to the event?

Early Bird Ticket holders get exclusive early access to Totally Rad and the Vintage inside. Early Bird Entry starts at 8:30 am

For GA Attendees entry starts at 10 am. This is typically our most busy time inside the event. For GA attendees looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, we recommend coming after 1pm. 

Are Vendors Cash Only?

All Vendors accept cash, some accept card, and almost all accept electronic payments like Venmo or PayPal. 

Are kids free to attend?

Children 12 and under are free to attend Totally Rad. 

I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Sorry – tickets are non-refundable.

Can I bring my dog? How about my cat? Lizard?

We love pets of all kinds! Unfortunately, they need to stay home. Pets are not allowed inside Totally Rad. Service animals are welcome to attend. 

Can I bring a bag?

Yes! We encourage it! Please note that to ensure the safety of our vendors and attendees, security reserves the right to search your bag at any point in time. 

Can I bring a camera?

Sure can! We welcome all creatives to explore Totally Rad!

What is the official hashtag for the event?

#TotallyRadVF Tag us or use the hashtag for a chance to be featured on our page!

How do I vend at Totally Rad?

Sign up for the vendor e-mail list to learn about vending opportunities. Please note – we only accept vendors that fit within the theme of the event (vintage or vintage re-worked vendors only). Vintage vendors that sell true vintage (earlier than the 1980’s) are welcome to apply. 

Who do I contact with questions about Totally Rad?

Our team is here to help! E-mail us at