Welcome to Totally Rad!

Keep this page open on your phone to help guide you throughout the day!

The Activities

The Vintage Arcade

Challenge a friend on an arcade game at the Vintage Arcade. Games are FREE to play all day!

Solsta Records

Meet today's DJ and shop from their MASSIVE vinyl collection. Solsta Records is here and bringing all the vintage musical goodness.

Throwback Photo-Ops!

There's no shortage of epic photo-ops inside Totally Rad. Make a stop at them and snap your perfect fest-day pic!
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The Vintage Gallery

See some of the rare, unique, and hard-to-find vintage hiding in our vendors' collections. View the Gallery pamphlet to see what piece you could take home today.

ExtraterRESTrial Chill Zone

This is a far-out space is here for you to chill out and rest up before heading back out into the fest.

Tips For Your Day

1. Take your time. With this many vendors, there is lots to see and do inside Totally Rad. Break the map up into sections and tackle them piece by piece 

2. Talk to vendors. Like you, we LOVE vintage! Chances are vendors know the story and history of the piece you’re buying. 

3. Explore booths you otherwise would skip. Vendors carry all types of vintage merchandise. Many clothing vendors carry toys and home goods and visa versa. You just never know what might be hiding in a booth.

4. Have a question? Ask a vendor or event staff. We want you to have a great day and would be happy to help! 

Restrooms:  Are located in the front of the hall 

ATM:  In front lobby between Hall B & C 

Concessions: Are located in the back of the hall by the museum.

Let's Be Friends!

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